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Get the right applicants
for your home service business

This video will teach you how to create a detailed description of the ideal candidate.

The problem with current job boards and generic hiring forms is that when you place an ad, we get a bunch of applicants that are different from your Ideal Employee profile.

The worst part is that we spend money on those useless applicants, and employee turnover is always high. Frustrating!

Here's a guide on understanding and creating the proper Ideal Employee Profile for your home cleaning business.

These fantastic resources can help you refine the hiring aspect of your business by implementing well-founded strategies designed from an overall perspective..

Download this IEP template, so you use it within your company.

Download quick guide 👉

1. Our targeted recruiting system can cut the time spent looking through resumes and finding the ideal applicant for the job.
2. With this downloadable of the Ideal Employee Profile template you will be able to define and understand your ideal employee profile.

3. When you complete this, you will have a clarity of who does your ideal employee profile looks and acts like.
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