Customizing Company Attendance (Absences, Vacation, PTO)

Discover how to tailor employee attendance to meet the unique demands of your business.

What can this feature do?

In the competitive cleaning business landscape, where reputation is everything, tracking attendance isn't just about managing schedules; it's about securing your company's success.

It's about delivering on your promises, building trust, and consistently delivering exceptional service. So, if you're ready to elevate your cleaning business to new heights of performance and profitability, it's time to prioritize attendance.

The customized attendance feature provides you with Current Year and Year of Employment options, which offer distinct models to track Vacation, Personal, and Absent days for every employee.

Tailor the vacation days, personal days, and absent days to perfectly align with your unique business needs.

Why you should have a unique custom attendance policy?

Adapts to Diverse Workforces

• Aligns with Industry Specifics

• Caters to Employee Preferences

• Enhances Productivity

• Boosts Employee Engagement

• Supports Work-Life Balance

• Attracts Diverse Talent

• Adapts to Business Growth

• Improves Employee Retention

Simplify,Organize and Streamline Your
Hiring and Recruiting Process
Hiring, Management ,and Retention platform for Home Service Companies.