⚡ Introducing: Pipehire 2.0 - Spring Updates

Introducing Pipehire 2.0. Pipehire has just released new features that help make your daily workflow as smooth and efficient as possible.

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March 29, 2023

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⚡ Introducing: Pipehire 2.0

Here's what's been new and improved in 2.0 version:

1. Completely redesigned Hiring Funnel V2 so you can navigate, and scroll with a more fluid interface, including powerful filters to find the
right candidate easily. Learn More.

2. Background Checks: Seamless integration your own Checkr account.
Learn More.

3. Employees: Improved working employees filtering.

4. Employee Notifications are now customizable for specific day and time.
Learn More

5. Compliments and Complaints now send both SMS/email notifications
to your employees. Learn More

6. Attendance Module: Has been moved to the left menu; to keep precise
tracking of employee attendance.

7. Birthday/Anniversaries have been moved to the left menu, so you never
miss an important date.

8. Email Deliverability: We significantly enhanced the reliability and consistency of email delivery to employers and employees regarding account notifications.

9. Employee Communication: Emails sent to applicants/employees now land in their inboxes labeled with your company name, improving open rates.

10. Help Center: Redesigned, and better support articles. Learn More.

11. Pipehire Academy: Access to all of our training and courses with Grow and Scale plans. Launch Academy.

New features that help make your daily workflow as smooth and efficient as possible.

For example, the new "Notifications" setup allows you to specify when to send SMS/email notifications to your employees, so no one needs to worry about forgotten messages. Implementing a targeted email address revolutionized how we communicate with our clients. This innovative approach delivers important Pipehire notifications to employees with the utmost reliability and consistency. 

And the exciting news? Pipehire emails now appear in inboxes with your company name, making them even easier to spot and increasing open rates. 

Money alone won't do the trick when finding suitable applicants for your business. You need a thoughtful approach that includes creating a Careers Page that looks amazing and connects with potential applicants on a deeper level. 

At Pipehire, we understand companies' struggles; we've been working on a solution for the last month that bridges the gap between applicant and company. 

Our carefully crafted Careers Page is a powerful tool that captivates potential applicants and brings your employer brand to life.

Our optimized, conversion-focused Careers Page will capture the attention of applicants and help you build a solid and engaged team. 

This new feature will roll out in the next couple of months,

so for those who lack a strong web presence, this solution will help you 

take the first step towards creating a powerful employer brand.

Additionally, the revamped Attendance module helps employers easily track employee attendance history. Finally, the compliments/complaints module allows sending both SMS/email notifications.

Pipehire truly sets a new standard when it comes to maximizing workflow in the workplace.

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