Say Hello to Pipehire 3.0

We're excited to announce the launch of Pipehire 3.0, which features an array of new and enhanced features available in all our plans. This latest update brings even more value and solutions to help you with your daily workflow.

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March 7, 2024

Introducing Pipehire 3.0

Throughout 2023, our team dedicated countless hours to enhancing our system, with the dual goal of responding to your invaluable feedback and leveraging our industry experience to anticipate your needs. 

We're excited to announce the launch of Pipehire 3.0, which features an array of new and enhanced features available in all our plans. This latest update brings even more value and solutions to help you with your daily workflow.

Packed with new features and updates!

Pipehire 3.0 unlocks an incredible set of time-saving tools to boost productivity and streamline your hiring process:

📱 Mobile browser version admin users

Available on: All Plans

Struggling to access critical information while you're out of the office?

Now, you can access your account from your mobile phone. Check your most recent applicants, confirmed interviews, upcoming expired docs, forthcoming birthdays/anniversaries, and pending complaints.

You'll love the simplicity of your mobile version!

Pipehire mobile version

📌 Pipehire Cleaning Job Board v1.0

Available on: All Plans 

We're excited to introduce the Pipehire Job Board— our dedicated job board for home services and commercial jobs, where all your job offers will always be prominently displayed.

With your subscription active, your job offers gain the significant advantage of being indexed by Google and other search engines.

Why does it matter? Driving organic traffic directly to your job offer reduces your costs in acquiring applicants and significantly increases your chances of attracting the right candidates directly through organic search results.

🚀  Say hello to Pipehire Turbo! 

Available on: All Plans - Coming May 2024!

Publish to 100+ multiple job boards with our job ad exchange. Coming May 2024! 

Finally, you get to say goodbye to Indeed.

Pipehire users will be able to distribute their job offers to 100+ other job boards WITHOUT creating more accounts or rejecting/approving candidates. Yay!

Simple, effective job marketing without the hidden tricks of Indeed.

How's it different from Indeed?

  • No rejection/approval needed
  • No turn-on/off ads
  • Complete data of applicants available to you.
  • Fully integrated with our funnel and other features.
  • Full control of your budget, no random charges.

    Releasing May 2024. 

Interested in Starting to use it before the official launch? Join our beta

Pipehire Turbo, job boards

🤖 AI assistant: Skip ChatGTP!

Available on Plan: Growth | Scale

Transform how you create and customize job offers with our AI Writing Assistant. This powerful feature leverages the latest in artificial intelligence to help you draft compelling, personalized job offers with ease. 

Our AI assistant is trained to help you write job offers for the home and commercial industries. We guide you through the process, suggesting optimal language, key benefits, and customizable templates that resonate with your ideal candidates. 

🧠 Pipehire Academy

Available on: All Plans 

Pipehire academy courses

Success in the Home Service Business is all about the right training and tools, not luck. That's why we created Pipehire Academy—to fast-track your success by sharing what works and what doesn't. Skip the trial and error.

Some of the courses are:

  • Dominate Indeed Master Class.
  • Remote Maid Master Class.
  • How to Grow your Cleaning Business.

👷🏻 Custom Branded Careers Portal

Available on Plan: Scale | Commercial

Pipehire careers portal SEO optimized

A custom-designed careers portal optimized for conversions and SEO to attract the right applicants.

Our Careers Portal is a bespoke solution designed to address a critical challenge that service companies face: the difficulty of transforming job advertisements into actual hires. 

This struggle often stems from the need for an effective hiring page that communicates the right message and appeals to potential applicants. 

Our portal is tailored to overcome this hurdle, ensuring your job ads resonate with and attract the right candidates. 

Why is this important:

  • All job offers on one page are professionally displayed.
  • No more web admin back and forth.
  • SEO optimized for ranking on Google.
  • No updates/maintenance are needed; we host and maintain it.
  • Use it as an additional resource to attract applicants from around the web.
Moreno cleaning careers portal

See samples:

Our one-on-one approach makes your website a powerful tool to attract and hire the best staff quickly and efficiently.

Pipehire Careers Portal

✉️ Send Email/SMS within the Funnel Stage

Available on: All Plans

Deliver tailored messages throughout the entire hiring process. 

Discover our templates designed to enhance your communication and expedite the hiring process.

Additionally, create effective recruiting templates to optimize and simplify your communication workflow.

👉 Attendance customization

Available on: Scale | Commercial Plans

Inefficient tracking of vacation, personal, and absent days? 

Pipehire's attendance customization feature offers companies unparalleled control over tracking the current year and year of employment options, which provide distinct models to track Vacation, Personal, and Absent days, with the ability to adjust each category to suit your company's unique requirements.

⏰ Customize Notifications (Delivery Date + Delivery Time)

Available on: All Plans

Flooded with important dates, and you don't know how to keep track of them? 

The Notifications Module is an essential tool designed to streamline sending alerts for important events such as employment anniversaries, employee birthdays, expired documents, and more. 

With customizable options for scheduling the timing and dates of your notifications, you can ensure that every critical milestone is recognized and celebrated on time.

🖊 Company Key Information

Available on: Growth | Scale | Commercial Plans

Never forget expiration dates ever again!

This feature enables you to consolidate all essential company information in a single, centralized location, allowing you to set expiration reminders for any company insurance you wish to be prompted about, such as:

  • Workers comp Insurance expiration date.
  • General Liability Insurance expiration date.
  • Company car Insurance expiration date.

🗓 Customize employment days to activate benefits

Available on: Scale | Commercial Plans

Enhance benefits administration by adjusting the duration an employee needs to be in their role before becoming eligible for company-sponsored benefits

Customize this timeframe according to organizational objectives.

📢 Job Marketing 2.0

Available on: Scale | Commercial Plans

Promote your job offer to FB groups in your city for additional reach for FREE!

You can publish your job offer directly in the 887 Facebook local workgroups we have curated for you.

This strategy taps into the power of community and generates organic traffic to your listings from Facebook for free.

Pipehire next features 2024

What's Next: Future Innovations

The enhancements in Pipehire 3.0 pave the way for future innovations, including:

Programmatic Ad Distribution:

In 2024, we're dedicated to enhancing Pipehire Turbo to provide our users an unparalleled, user-friendly, and transparent experience.

We're focusing on expanding integration with additional partners to maximize the exposure of your job listings to a broader audience of applicants.

Our programmatic approach guarantees that your job ads connect with the job-seeking market, optimizing your ad budget to secure your needed hires.

By boosting the visibility of your job offers, we ensure they efficiently reach the most qualified candidates, streamlining your hiring process.

Pipehire Job Board v2.0:

Further increasing the visibility and effectiveness of your job postings through SEO optimization and organic traffic generation.

Electronic Compliance for Form I-9:

Simplifying compliance and verification processes with electronic submission and storage of Form I-9, ensuring a more streamlined and error-free approach to employment eligibility verification

Pipehire is more than a hiring platform; we are your partner in achieving hiring excellence. 

With Pipehire 3.0, we reaffirm our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of the home services and commercial job sectors.

Thank you for choosing Pipehire as your trusted hiring solution. Let's continue to transform the hiring landscape and achieve greater success together.

Juan, Luis, Ruben
Pipehire Co-Founders


Say Hello to Pipehire 3.0

We're excited to announce the launch of Pipehire 3.0, which features an array of new and enhanced features available in all our plans. This latest update brings even more value and solutions to help you with your daily workflow.
Luis Chaparro
March 7, 2024

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