Succeed in Your Home Cleaning business hiring Journey

The Hiring Funnel Framework™ is a compilation of ordered steps.These steps are attached to specific and straightforward activities that need to be done to ensure you are progressing.We created this framework based on our experience and years of making mistakes. The framework is designed to help you understand the steps to succeed in the hiring journey.

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December 12, 2022

The Hiring Funnel Framework™ is a compilation of ordered steps.

These steps are attached to specific and straightforward activities that need to be done to ensure you are progressing.

We created this framework based on our experience and years of making mistakes. The framework is designed to help you understand the steps to succeed in the hiring journey.

The beauty of The Hiring Funnel Framework™ is that it is flexible and can be customized to fit your specific needs.

Whether you are looking to hire for a specific role or just trying to increase your pool of potential candidates.

The Hiring Funnel Framework™ can help you succeed in your hiring journey.

This framework is not the last word and may not suit your business.

However, we share it as a tool that has allowed us to have a transparent system.

Home cleaning businesses and commercial cleaning companies can take advantage of this system.

Download here: Hiring Funnel Framework for Home Service Businesses.

Pipehire the hiring funnel framework

1) Acquisition

pipehire hiring funnel frameworl, acquisition step, getting people o apply

Creating an effective marketing campaign and landing page helps to ensure job seekers have the clarity they need from the company and job opportunities.

An engaging landing page is essential for potential candidates to learn about the job.

Ensuring each job posting includes the hourly rate, job title, job offer description headlines, etc. All the necessary information for job seekers is vital.

In addition, providing a way for both parties to communicate effectively establishes trust alongside clarity of the expectations.

Understanding the hiring managers' and applicants' needs and building relationships through efficient communication ultimately leads to a successful conversion.

Goal: Maximize conversion rate | Prioritize: Clear and open comms

2) Screening

During the recruitment process, an efficient 10-minute pre-interview is essential for employers.

‍Listening intently and sincerely allows recruiters to make meaningful connections with potential hires.

Allowing a greater understanding of a candidate's wants and needs regarding job fit.

With transparency as a keystone to building trust, this method helps us prioritize empathy in our work.

Connecting with potential employees while giving everyone enough room to ask questions is fundamental. That can move them along in the pre-screening process.

Goal: Book appointments with the right applicant | Prioritize: Empathy

3) Interviewing

pipehire hiring funnel frameworl, interviewing step, clarify of what they're getting into

A great way to build trust and foster a sense of transparency with job seekers is through interviews.

Establishing an attendance policy upfront can benefit the interviewer and interviewee.

When job seekers are informed of expectations from the outset, it sets a respectful tone for the meeting. It gets the conversation off to a great start.

Being candid about their interest level allows candidates to feel they can trust the company, which helps them make informed decisions.

Asking genuine questions encourages job seekers to open up, paint their future picture at the company, and express misgivings.

This can help both parties gain insight into how to fit or invested they are in the role.

After these conversations have been conducted, send potential applicants to train on possible scenarios that could come up in their role.

Goal: Increase successful applicants | Prioritize: Honesty + trust

4) Training

pipehire hiring funnel frameworl, training step, teach them a model to follow

Hands-on training is an integral part of the learning process for many cleaning jobs.

However, for maximum benefit should be done in-depth over several days.

Employers often implement video training that covers all aspects (cleaning supplies, etc.) of a job before beginning any hands-on cleaning training.

The video training will be tested by five consecutive days of hands-on instruction.

Ensuring that employees have the confidence to complete their tasks is vital.

Employees must also complete a daily report indicating whether they passed or failed their assigned tasks.

This combination of video and hands-on training assures employees are committed to the job and can do what is expected.

Goal: Increase successful trainees | Prioritize: Validate commitment to the job

5) Onboarding

pipehire hiring funnel frameworl, onboarding step, start them right

As a business owner, I understand the importance of streamlined onboarding processes.

I prioritize utilizing digital signatures whenever possible to ensure a successful onboarding process.

Allowing staff to e-sign paperwork can expedite the review and approval process.

This creates a smoother onboarding process and reduces errors and costs associated with processing paperwork and unnecessary product/supplies orders.

Goal: Increase successful onboardings | Prioritize: Processes

6) Management

pipehire hiring funnel frameworl, management step, monitor performance

It can be challenging to navigate the complex employee attendance and work-life balance environment.

Establishing company culture is an essential step toward increasing employee retention.

Rewards on employees' milestone anniversaries/birthdays are an effective way to make them feel appreciated and retain them for longer.

This simple incentive carries a powerful message of appreciation without being too intrusive or costly.

Research has proven that recognition helps boost morale and loyalty, key factors contributing to further success as a business.

Goal: Increase employee retention | Prioritize: Motivation, company culture

7) Referral

pipehire hiring funnel frameworl, referral step, employee invite others

Employee loves their work, helping recruit new workers.

Employee referrals can be a precious tool for recruiting.

They often come with more personal insight and first-hand accounts of what it's like to work somewhere.

At our company, employees have a special bond strengthened by their commitment to helping each other.

Employees are incredibly passionate advocates for our organization.

Employee referrals significantly impact new hires.

Highlighting professional opportunities and meaningful human connections.

We prioritize word-of-mouth as one of the most effective ways to secure quality staff and build our team.

We are empowering our dedicated crew to be involved in bringing their friends and peers on board.

Goal: Increase employee referrals | Prioritize: Word of mouth

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The Hiring Funnel Framework™ is designed to tailor each step to cleaning business needs to ensure success throughout the hiring journey.

Whether you are looking for one qualified applicant or many talented prospects, this framework guides every step required for successful recruitment.

From discovering potential candidates through onboarding newly-hired employees into their roles within a company's team structure.

Utilizing The Hiring Funnel Framework™ can help streamline processes while enabling employers to find quality cleaning employees quickly and efficiently. Allowing businesses flexible performance when searching for talent!


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