The Ideal Employee Profile (IEP) For Your Home Cleaning Business

The concept of an ideal employee profile came about a couple of months ago while working with many companies to help them nail down the right person for their company.

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May 17, 2023

Hey everyone, Juan Chaparro here, the Co-Founder of Pipehire.

And on this video I want to share with you the concept of the ideal employee profile.

Many people apply for our jobs, but only some of them really can make the job work for them.

So stay tuned; you'll learn how to hire better employees.

All right, the concept of an ideal employee profile came about a couple of months ago while working with many companies to help them nail down the right person for their company.

So typically, most companies receive many applicants from Indeed and other marketing sources, but about 80, 90% of them do not get anywhere. Why?

Because they are not the right person for that job. We want to help you narrow down the best employees for you.

And that starts with you, the business owner defining who's the ideal employee profile.

So the first point is the Ideal Employee Profile.

Pipehire ideal employee profile infographic

1. Service Area

pipehire define service area, the ideal employee profile

Define the area you want them (Cleaning Techs) to cover.

You have to define it as the persona, the person that you want to hire.

To create a team of top-notch home residential cleaning techs, define the area they cover.

Only consider individuals residing within your service area, preventing any hiccups caused by gas prices or car damage.

Collect their zip codes and ensure they can operate within the areas you serve.

2. Age Group

pipehire define age group, the ideal employee profile

So, point number two will be what age group they fall into.

We have the power to include anyone and everyone in our hiring process.

However, there is a specific age group that excels the most.

Defining the age range is crucial so we know precisely whom we deal with when applicants apply. It's essential for our success.

3. Job Experience

pipehire job experience, the ideal employee profile

The Third point will be if they have the experience for the trade job you're looking for.

Technically, we can train anyone to do service businesses or any job. However, training and putting somebody up to speed takes time, money, and effort.

Many companies I know hire people with experience and have lower employee turnover.

I have experience in my own company; we welcome anyone with experience.

But the reality is that people that do not have experience in the industry will likely end up quitting.

Experience matters! People that have stayed longer working for our company basically came with experience.

And that is simple. Somebody has done a cleaning job or a plumber's job; they know exactly what they're getting into.

So whenever they find a new position in the same field, they already know what they're getting into.

This allows a business owner to spend less time hiring and training people.

4. Personality traits

pipehire personality traits, the ideal employee profile

Your business needs a competitive edge.

That's why it's essential to identify the ideal personality characteristics that work exceptionally well.  

By identifying and recruiting individuals with specific traits—perhaps through a Disc test—you can build a team destined for greatness.

5. Do they have transportation?

pipehire transportation, the ideal employee profile

Today, transportation is more than just a car or engine type.

We know this because we have hired people who appeared to have it all, only to have them quit days later because they couldn't afford the gas prices.

That's why we take the time to know exactly what car they have to ensure that they're well-suited for our opportunities.

So that's the fifth point.

All right, folks, that's the five points you must consider with your ideal employee profile.

I recommend that you nail that for your company. When you try to go outside of that range of characteristics and traits, you will notice that that's where you have the most churn, the most people quitting.

So please do me a favor. Make sure you take a list of your old employees that have lasted more than one year, look at all of them, and come out with an ideal employee profile. Also, list those people who usually don't qualify for your job.

This is going to make the hiring process so much easy for you and so much easy for your team members in the office.

And I'll leave you with this. When hiring people for house and cleaning services, remember we are a recruiting agency that happens to clean houses.

We must become experts at hiring and finding people because that is the one thing customers are paying us for.

Yes, we can clean houses or paint houses, but at the end of the day, the customer wants to pay somebody who can do the job.

And that is our job as entrepreneurs, managers, and CEOs is to learn how to find the best people for our company. But it all starts with the ideal employee profile. Thank you so much, and we'll see you on the next one.

Hey, before you go, if you're planning on hiring and growing your headcount and revenue for your home service business, check out



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