How to write ads that attract home cleaning applicants.

When you write an ad with a specific person in mind, the job offer description becomes much more relatable to your prospective home cleaning business applicants.

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February 3, 2023

We thank our friend Josh Melton from Athens Cleaning Company for sharing his strategies.

Athens Cleaning Company is a commercial cleaning service.

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Growing his Commercial Cleaning Company to 76 Cleaning Techs with a unique angle.

Let's start with this fantastic post that will help readers better understand the basic concepts of this important matter.

To create the most effective advertisement for your home cleaning business, you must know your target audience and tailor your ads accordingly.

A clear understanding of whom you're trying to reach will make writing an ad that resonates with them much more accessible.

Writing ads for your target audience can help you attract more customers and increase engagement with your brand.

Let's talk about how you can write ads explicitly tailored to the people you want to reach.

The benefits of tailoring ads to attract home cleaning business applicants

When you write an ad with a specific person in mind, the job offer description becomes much more relatable to your applicants.

You aim to ensure they immediately connect with your offering and find your target audience.

Meaning using language and tones that appeal to them as individuals.

This will draw attention to your home cleaning business and encourage them to focus(read) on your job offer post.

Crafting ads specifically for one person lets you capture their attention and guide them towards taking action on whatever you offer.

Creating an avatar person for your ad campaigns

Pipehire Avatar Employee Hiring

Once you have a better understanding of your target audience, it can be helpful to create an "avatar persona."

Learning about your "avatar persona" could help you improve the chances of attracting the right talent for your company.

Creating a specific profile for your ideal employee can dramatically improve the business's future.

Avatar personas are fictional characters representing your ideal employee.

Ensure each member of your company identifies the intrinsic characteristics of the "avatar."

This will help you tailor content and communications to the specific needs, behaviors, and concerns of the "avatar."

As an industry insider and experienced company owner, it is essential to identify the following:

• Daily routines

• Pain points

• Psychographic traits

• Values/beliefs

• Challenges/goals

• Transportation

• Demographic traits

• Skills

These characteristics influence how they interact with content online.

Creating a persona helps bring your target audience from an abstract concept into something tangible and easier to work with. 

Write your ad

Now that you understand whom you're writing for, the next step is writing the ad copy itself!

Another great way to engage with potential applicants through ads is by including specific situations.

The copy of your ads might relate directly back to their own lives or experiences.

It adds a personal touch and lets potential applicants know they are not just random people.

Pipehire how to write ad to attract cleaning technician

Let them know you have crafted something specifically for them with their needs in mind!

This helps build trust between yourself and those reading the ad, which could lead them to take action on whatever you offer.

Remember to include job titles, ad headlines, and descriptions for every ad you write; calls to action are also important.

This is how we encourage applicants to take action on our message.

Be sure not to use generic messaging as this could come across as insincere or uninteresting; instead, focus on being specific by addressing pain points or highlighting unique features or benefits of working with your home cleaning company.
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Writing ads tailored explicitly toward your intended audience doesn't have to be complicated.

Crafting each message requires careful thought and consideration to get it right.

Taking the time upfront ensures that potential customers feel seen and heard, leading to increased engagement with your brand.

So next time you sit at the computer ready to write an ad, remember—think about whom you're trying to reach before hitting send!

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